July Goals

Monday, July 04, 2016

Thunderstorms, heavy rains, traffic woes and getting wet. These are the things that greet me this July. It might be summer in some parts of the world but here in the Philippines, it's been days of endless rains. Let me get this straight, I'm a pluviophile and bed-weather is my ultimate zen but the traffic woes this heavy rains caused is too much for me to handle. Okay, let me take a breather before this post will turn into a full blown weather rant. Now, where were we? Oh, that's right, my goals for the month of July.

I already did a wrap-up post for the month of June and it's crazy to think that six months had already gone down and before we know it, it's already Christmas and then we're ushering in a new year and I'll be turning 30 - oh how time flies! Looking back at the past six months, I'm a bit disappointed at myself for failing to do at least one goal on my bucket list. I know, I've been a slacker but even though I'm disappointed with my progress, I am determined to start fresh this July.


Purchase and Register a Blog Domain. 
I've always wanted my own domain name ever since I started blogging eleven years ago. I couldn't really do it before because I wasn't financially capable yet but this year I am determined to cross it off my list. I've been reading blogger tutorials lately on how to change your domain name and have been looking into some domain name registrars online but I'm still undecided on where to go. If you have some recommendations let me know in the comments section which one worked for you and I'll check it out.

Blog Clean-Up
Ever since I came back to blogging last April, I've been sorting my Archives and did a little bit of clean-up (i.e deleting old posts, updating old links, etc.). When you've been blogging for long and have accumulated quite a number of posts even though some of them doesn't really make sense at all, blog clean-up is quite a job. Hopefully, this month, I'll be able to get it done and properly sort my posts into the right category.

New Job. New Challenge
Today's the first day of the new job opportunity I mentioned here. I'm a little bit nervous and at the same time excited for what's in store for me. Since this is different from what I was used to doing, I know it would be a challenge and I'm determined to give it my best and survive the first month.

This has been a constant presence on any of my life goals and for this month, I'm making this my priority. My goal is to be able to save at least 20% of my monthly income by the end of the month.

Reading Challenge
June was a good month for me in terms of the books I've read for my yearly Reading Challenge. I'm still 7 books behind schedule to reach my goal so I'm planning to remedy that this month by reading 10 books.

Must Haves

How about you? What are you hoping to achieve this July?

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