Monthly Recap I June 2016

Thursday, June 30, 2016

The sixth month of the year passed by so quickly and it was an uneventful one. I mean, with how busy I was with all the travels and social gatherings I attended last month, it was a total opposite the month of June had for me. With the exemption of my daughter's birthday party and going home to the province for a short vacation, the rest of the month was pretty much monotonous but it was somehow a blessing in disguise because my boredom had me tinkering and posting updates on my blog as well as doing other things I'm passionate about - reading.

What Have I Been Up to?

  • The thing that I'm most proud of this month is that I finally conquered my book slump and had the best reading month (for now) this year! I was able to read ten books which pleasantly surprised me. I am still seven books behind schedule on my Reading Challenge but I believe that I'm getting there and I can do it *crossing fingers*
  • I've also started a new feature on my blog called Book Quotes wherein I'll post my favorite lines from the books that  I've read. So far, I had received positive feedback about it.

What Have I Read?

My Favorite Reads this Month

I gave a five-star rating to these three amazing books I've discovered through Aestas. These are the books that I enjoyed the most and had toyed with my emotions.

  • A Thousand Boy Kisses by Tillie Cole. If only my blanket and pillow case could talk, they would've told me to suck it up and stop crying. A story about young love and the circumstances that separated and brought them back together, it was so well written and so emotional that I advise you to prepare a box of tissues if you wanna read this.
  • Love, Chloe by Alessandra Torre. A pleasant surprise from one of my favorite authors. I was used to Alessandra Torre's edgy, sexy and often times mind-fucked reads but this one was a simple and sweet contemporary romance story about a former socialite. The humor and comedic scene were unexpected but very much appreciated 
  •  Hollywood Dirt by Alessandra Torre. I picked this book right after I've read Love, Chloe and it didn't disappoint. With a perfect balance of naughty and nice, this is a brilliantly funny read that will leave you laughing or giggling at every scene.

What I Posted?

  • because it was the current Talk of the Town, I shared my thoughts on why Catcalling isn't a Compliment here
  • As an ode to Father's Day, I listed down Five Things I Learned from my Father here

So, there goes my June Monthly Wrap-Up. How about you? How was your June?

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