In this social media era, how does one do introductions nowadays? With anything being "overshared" on the internet, what does one do to keep a little something about herself private? With limited characters and grammar police all over the place, how does one write her thoughts without judgment? Yes, quite frankly, I am a bit reluctant to do this but nonetheless, here is where we begin, letting you know more about the girl renting this small space. This is a bit long and I suck at introductions so consider yourself warned.

and in a constant pursuit to escape reality, I'm an introvert dabbling between Book and Lifestyle blogging in an attempt to help other escapists (like me) & wandering netizens about life's what if's & what not's through my own random thoughts, personal experiences, and quote-worthy lines. I'm also a bibliophile who loves a good romantic read and happily ever afters.
Now, some of you might have asked me: "How on Earth did you get started in all of this?"

I started leaving breadcrumbs in the blogosphere since 2006 when I realize that I wanted to share the random thoughts I often wrote on my journals (the notebook kind) online even if no one cares to read it. I started with Livejournal and was known as gaylablogs (IKR, boring name) back then. It has since been deleted and I moved in here. A lot of blogging platforms had emerged and I may have dabbled between Multiply, Blogspot and Tumblr in between but ESCAPISMS has been my personal blog since 2007.
Reading has always been a part of my life since I was seven. But since I also love to write, I realized why not write about something I love? So, yeah, what started as a passionate hobby of mine - this blog, along with reading books, have been my escape from reality and monotonous routine, thus the blog name.  

I review books for fun so if you're interested in checking my reviews, I have it listed HERE or you can check out my Goodreads page. I am also open to authors and/or publishers' contacting me for book reviews but before you head on over to my review policy page, let me just inform you that though I love to read all genres, I am mostly a Romance and Young Adult Book Blogger.