The October Issues

Tuesday, October 09, 2012

Its the time of the month again wherein new issues are released by the country's Top magazines and I'm going to say something about their covers or covergirls. Let's rate shall we?

For months, Cosmo keeps on recycling their cover girls and I was kinda annoyed with it. Don't get me wrong, I love Cosmo!  Even if the same faces graces their cover page, I will still shell out my Php125.00 to buy this magazine because of its monthly content. So  it is a breathe of fresh air when I saw Kapamilya actress Julia Montes on the cover. She looks stunning in her pink outfit. Even though, she doesn't look like her age (she's only 17!). She's too pretty to look at far from her Going Bulilit days. And you should definitely read her life story! That one can passed as a telenovela plot.

Talking about "breathe of fresh air" this one's definitely way over the top - literally. I mean, Who's that girl? I know she's pretty and a dead-ringer for actress Lovi Poe. Is she sexy? I don't know. I don't usually buy this magazine but if you want to know if she's worthy to be the country's leading magazine cover girl maybe you should buy it to see if she's all worth it. One thing that I admired about the cover though is that it doesn't look like a sexy magazine. I'm used to FHM's full body photos with their girls in sexy lingerie or swimwear but this one focuses on the face with a tiny bit of flesh. If not for the words Sexy Movies are Back screamed at you, I would probably think this is a beauty mag.

You gotta admit, this girl is cover worthy. I mean, who can say no to an Angel Locsin ?. I don't have a copy of this magazine right now but looking at this reminds me of an online game or a cover of a Japanese Manga or a cosplay act. The concept was just too good to be ignored. Hats off to Rouge! You're new to the publishing world but for months your covers promised bigger things to come. 

This is just half of the whole cover page featuring Bench 's muses garbed in jeans and white tee. The concept screams plain and comfort can also be sexy. But honestly, I'm not sure I like this one. I don't know if its with the styling, the photography angle or too much Photoshop but I can't recognize these girls! I have to take a second maybe third look to be able to match a certain name with the faces on the cover. Yes, we can't deny the fact that airbrushing is a necessity when it comes to magazine covers but personally, I like to look at a magazine cover girl with their natural beauty standing out rather than enhanced with too much Photoshop. It makes them much more like a real person to me.

Celebrating their first anniversary is one tough act to follow considering that not too many Magazine for Men can achieved this feat in the country's publishing world and who can perfectly embody this than Mr. Tough Man himself Daniel Craig aka James Bond. I don't much about this mag considering that I usually bought magazines that caters to female needs and home and living but I noticed that Esquire has the same cover concept with all their issues. Same plain background and I don't mean it to be a bad thing but in fact I definitely like it. No bright colors, loud graphics and not too much Photoshop. Its simply elegance and concentrates more on the man on the front and the content.

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