I am not a professional book reviewer nor a literary expert but I do love reading books and telling stories about them. I don't follow certain guidelines nor sugarcoat things. My reviews are solely base on what I felt before and after reading it. So if you're an author or a publisher who wants an honest  and fair review of your works, then I'd be more than happy to do that for you.

What forms do I accept?
  • I accept Advance Reading Copies/Editions, Printed (Paperback or Hardbound) copies or even back titles. Please know that I'm an international blogger base in Cebu, Philippines so if you're planning to send a physical copy, you need to send me an email first so that I can provide you with my mailing information.
  • I also accept electronic copies in PDF, .epub or .mobi format
What genres do I like?
I'm a hopeless romantic and a sucker for happy ever afters so yeah, I read and review romance books. Anything from Contemporary, Historical, Young Adult, Category, New Adult and Erotic Romances are my usual cup of tea. I'm also accepting Young Adult dystopian reads and occasionally self-help books.

What should you include in your review request?
Please do include general information about the book e.g.
  • Author
  • Publishing Date for ARC's
  • Publisher *optional
  • Summary
  • Date when the review should be posted because that would really influence my decision on whether or not I can commit to that timeline
How do I rate books?
All of my reviews will be my honest opinion. A glowing review is never guaranteed just because you send me a book. Please understand that by sending me a request to review your book, you are acknowledging that a review might be negative albeit respectful and is not in any way/shape/form targeted towards the author.
 didn't like it
  it was ok, nothing special
  like it and enjoyed it a little
 really like it and would recommend it
the perfect read, loved and like it from the beginning till end and is on my favorite & re-read list

Where to contact me with your review request?
You can check out my CONTACT page for details on how to contact me. I regularly check my emails but the best way to really contact me is to shoot me a tweet/DM on my twitter profile.
Aside from this blog, the reviews will also be posted on my Goodreads account and other social media platforms twitter, instagram and tumblr. I am not paid to blog or review so please keep that in mind when you want to work with me. I'm just a girl who loves to read and doing all of these because I want to. Oh! The things we do for love ;)