Monday, July 01, 2013

••• EXCERPT •••

Evie and Leo met in foster care as children and formed a bond of friendship. As they grew, their bond turned to love, and they vowed to make a life together when they turned 18 and were no longer a part of the system.

When Leo unexpectedly gets adopted as a teen and he moves to another city, he promises Evie that he will contact her as soon as he gets there and come back for her in a few short years. She never hears from him again.

Now eight years later, in spite of the odds, Evie has made a life for herself. She has a job. She has friends. She's content. Then a man shows up out of the blue, claiming that her long lost love, Leo, sent him to check up on her. The attraction between them is undeniable. But, should she trust this sexy stranger? Or is he keeping a secret about what his connection to Leo is really all about and why Leo disappeared all those years ago? - Goodreads

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I love reading second chance romances and rekindled romances. These kind of stories just makes me giddy and swoon because it makes me believe that soulmates exists even if they're only on books. When you had those kind of books, it makes you re-read it or certain parts of it. Leo is one of them.

Leo is the story of two orphans - Leo and Evie who grew up in a foster care system and developed their friendship into something romantic. Leo was Evie's first love, her protector, her constant and her hope in the world they're living currently living in - until Leo was adopted and went to another state with his new parents.   But before he leaved, he promised Evie that he will kept in touch and will not forget about her. A promise that was forgotten until a new man came to Evie's life eight years later claiming that he knew Leo and that he sent him to check up on her.

I'm not going to write in details what went on after this but I gotta say, I love this book to pieces. I love how beautifully it was written that will drew you right into the story. It wrapped me up right from the get go and it kept me interested till the end. It was fast paced but not the kind that will left you confused. I knew that something was up and halfway through their meeting with the "new" guy I knew right then what the twist is and who that guy really is. But even if I kinda guessed it, the revelation that confirmed my suspicion still got me shocked and gasped. I love how Ms. Sheridan wrapped it up towards the epilogue. Its everything I had hoped for and wanted to read in a sweet romantic story.

Leo was a great read and I'm glad I read it.

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