Sunday, April 25, 2010

I admit, I'm a cyberspace junkie. 

Whenever I am online, I usually spent hours in front of the computer hopping from one website to another and opening Internet pages. I can even spend the whole day locked inside my room with only my notebook and an internet connection. That's how much I am addicted to the world wide web. But, there are certain websites that I usually visit everytime I clicked on Internet Explorer or in my case Mozilla Firefox that I even bookmarked them. I know a lot of people have their own favorite websites they usually visit and I also have mine. Here's the lists on my bookmarks:
  1. FACEBOOK need I say more? This social networking site re-define the social networking world. From applications, games and finding long-lost relatives and friends, Facebook is the the other Google in the world wide web.
  2. YAHOO MAIL this is the only email account I have and I've been using this email provider since High School for school related purpose but now that I'm done with school I usually check my mail for any updates from friends and all the accounts that I have signed up for in the www.
  3. TWITTER my newest addiction. I admit I signed up for twitter before to get updates from my fave local and international celebrities but ever since some of friends have a twitter account, I log in to this often to know what they are up to and vice versa.
  4. PEP and PEREZHILTON. I get fascinated with the celebrity world and these are the sites I usually go to to get updates from the celebrity land. for local celebrities and Perezhilton for Hollywood updates.
  5. TUMBLR.COM. My new addiction also. What's good with Tumblr is that it is so user friendly, posting a blog journal entry is so easy to do. And the Tumblr community is so large, you can find interesting and talented people here and follow them also. I usually posts blog updates on Tumblr because I feel like I have a large audience to share it with because unlike other blog hosts, Tumblr has applications with Facebook and Twitter that will posts your Tumblr updates.
  6. COSMO.PH the online community of my fave magazine. I usually visit this site to get updates online on how to be a fun, fearless, female haha!
So.. there you go, the lists of websites that I have bookmarked. What are yours?

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