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Sunday, June 29, 2008

Indeed, it was a sweet victory.

Manny Paquiao once again made us proud with his recent victory in Mandalay Bay Hotel in Las Vegas Nevada. His KO win over David Diaz put him on top of the rankings as the World's Best Pound for Pound Boxer. He made history as the first Asian to have 4 belts in different boxing categories. He proved once again that once he stepped on the ring, all Filipinos regardless of where they are in the world would put aside their differences and be united. But as much as I would like to fill this page with all those Manny Paquiao brouhaha, I could not erase on my mind the other man on the ring, the one whom Paquiao defeated - David Diaz.

What about him?

First and foremost, I pity him.

I watched the fight on GMA - 7's broadcast on t.v (with added ire on all those advertisements) and I saw how Manny pounded Diaz - brutally. Blood flowed down from the cuts and bruises Manny left on his face. He was Manny's punching bag from the first round onwards. And when he was hit with Manny's left hook and fell down on the canvass (bloodied) as if he were a post, I could not help but shed a tear for him. It's like his dream of becoming a well known champ vanish away with that fateful stoppage on the 9th round.

Nonetheless, I salute this man for showing what courage really meant. From round 1, anyone could see that Manny won this fight but David never quit. Even if he was pounded by Manny and blood flowed from his face, he stood there tall and proud for all the world to see. He even hug and congratulated Manny after the fight and praised him for showing his supperb boxing skills.

Cheers to Manny! Cheers to David for being such a good sport!

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  1. weee. go manny! hahaha. filipino pride. :D