Feeling out of Place

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Have you ever been in a situation wherein you don't know anybody? you're considered an outcast? a complete stranger? As for me? I am currently in that situation right now.

Here's my story...

I am a graduating student this semester and my graduation deficiency slip showed that I still have 12 units left in my course curriculum to be able to graduate - part of which is NASC 3 Household Chemistry. Unfortunately, NASC 3 being an off-sem subject was not offered this semester which now becomes a problem for me because it will mean that I could kiss my October graduation goodbye.

With this in mind, I consulted our Department Chairman (Business Administration) about my problem hoping to have some advices on what I should do - if there's any. He told me to write a letter to the Chemistry Department Chairman requesting them to allow me to take a chemistry subject equivalent to NASC 3. After making the letter, I went to Talamban Campus a few kilometers ride from the Main Campus where I am studying. To make the long story short, I was interviewed by the Chairman and with a little pleading from him, he allow me to take Chem 1A General and Inorganic Chemistry as an equivalent.

I thought that I was relieved from my problem when I was allowed to take an equivalent subject but by the time I entered the Chemistry class I was in total despair!

I was like Alice in Wonderland the first time she entered the rabbit hole! I was basically a stranger in this class. Imagine! all of my classmates were BS Psychology Students and practically everyone knows everybody! I was seated in the middle and nobody sits beside me. What makes things worst for me was the time our teacher told us to group ourselves - 5 members per group. Everyone was rushing into one another shouting names and telling someone to include him/her into his/her group. It was totally chaotic and I was like the wind in these room of chaos.

Everyone except me had groups already and deep inside I felt pity to my self. I planned to transfer to another class if not for one girl (I forgot her name) who asked me if I have a group. I told her a simple "NONE" and then she told me that I could join their group since they lacked one member. Since I really had no choice, I joined their group even if I don't know anyone.

It's really hard to be in a place full of strangers. I feel like I am a prisoner jailed by the thought that I really had no choice. Even if I practically don't know anybody from my Chemistry Class, I am still hoping that as we would spend the next 4 months confined inside the 4 corners of our room, I would have the chance to get to know and befriend them. As for now, I consider this experience of mine a challenge to my adaptability and friendliness skill.

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