I Want One

Saturday, August 04, 2007

For the second time, my cellphone got busted again. It's speakers are not working anymore thus whenever I would answer a call, the other line could not hear my voice. My friend told me to have it fixed in a repair shop but I doubt it would be fixed because I had it fixed two years ago for the same reason. Added to that, my phone is an antique already, it's been with me for 5 yrs already therefor, I really have to get a new one.
I'm not really materialistic when it comes to gizmos and gadgets. If ever I would have much money, I would then splurged it on foods and dresses. But for this time, I would make an exception and would just keep on dreaming(hehe)

Since my phone's busted and I really need to replace it when I have the money to buy, I would love to have a Nokia N73 Music Edition:

Aside from its basic features and having a cam capable of recording videos and capturing images, what I really like from this phone is it's a digital music player capable of supporting MP3/AAC/eAAC/eAAC+/WMA type of music. It also has a visual FM Player for those times that craving for newly released music is a must thing to do. Added to that, it oozes with sexiness..(hehe) .
I admit, I love music so much that I need to listen to one every hour of the day because it relieves me from stress and boredom. I'm also quite vain and loves taking pictures of myself. Thus, this phone's really perfect for me for it matches my personality. Added to that, it's like having an i-pod and a cellular phone in one.

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