Cover Reveal: Walking Disaster

Saturday, November 10, 2012

Beautiful Disaster is one of my all time favorite books and Travis Maddox tops the ultimate swoon-worthy literary bad-boy hero for me. I think most of you know this already since I keep on gushing about the book and well him HERE. Damn! this book even started my search for bad-boy-turn-romantic romance book. I also think most of you already know that there will be a second book, not a sequel, but a book about the events in Beautiful Disaster told in Travis' point of view that will be release sometime in April 2013. Yes! we have to wait for next year for this to happen but Jamie McGuire gave us, Beautiful Disaster fans an early Christmas present, the Walking Disaster book cover. 

It can't be denied that gorgeous, tattooed, muscled arm is none other than Travis Maddox and even though it's just half of his body I still can't help myself going gaga about him. Wow! the cover screams sexiness! He is so sexy! with his biceps and that swirl of a tattoo on his shoulder. Damn HOT! Another thing that I also noticed was the blue butterfly- same as the butterfly in Beautiful Disaster's cover. Some of us were wondering if its somehow significant and some speculated that the butterfly was Abby but thankfully Jamie McGuire explained everything about  it on her website: 

" Some have asked about the significance of the butterfly, since it is also featured on the Beautiful Disaster cover. Justin McClure’s team, who designed the Beautiful Disaster cover, came up with the concept. Butterfly in a jar = Beautiful Disaster. The butterfly is simply something beautiful in a disastrous situation. On the WALKING DISASTER cover, we pulled the most eye-catching piece from the BD cover, the butterfly, into the WD cover to give a sense of continuity. Abby could be thought of as the butterfly in BD; Travis is wearing the butterfly as a tattoo on his arm in the WD cover. What I really like about it is that the tattoo metamorphoses into a real butterfly. To me, Travis is the butterfly, and WALKING DISASTER is a way for him to express himself, freeing his heartbreak and inner turmoil."

So now that the cover is already revealed, I definitely can't wait for the actual book to come out. But while waiting for it, I found some information on the web that will probably make our longing for the book to be release increased. Here's a prologue about Walking Disaster that I found HERE and a snippet HERE so Enjoy!

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