School Policies and Skinny Jeans

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Yesterday, I received a text message from a friend of mine telling me to wear black tomorrow. This serves as a silent protest against the policies that our school had implemented. I told her, I would not do it because I'm getting tired of this crap. I've been supporting protests against our school policies ever since and I've been wearing t-shirts (different colors at that) to voice out my protest but it was all useless. But when she texted me again that there has been a memo (I've never encountered it) from the council and the Administration that SKINNY JEANS ARE NOT ALLOWED ON FEMALE STUDENTS, I freaked out!

For heaven's sake, Why? What's wrong with skinny jeans?

I think everyone knows what skinny jeans is. I know it's the fad nowadays and I am so madly in love with it (who does not?). It's my must have for every girls. So imagine my reaction when I learned that it would soon be banned by the administration! This is totally an insult to our liberty as a student of this University. What are they trying to do? Who are they to make such policies? Did they consult the students for which their purpose is to serve them? Or are they serving their own insecurities and personal interests?

We have been banned from wearing rubber slippers. We are not allowed to enter the school premises if our shirts is not two inches below the belt line. We are condemned to suffer the pains ogf aching tired feets from climbing steep stairs and walking on slippery corridors because of wearing at least two-inches of heels in our feets due to their two-inch heel policy. We are forced to wear that scrappy school uniform that if not to the airconditioning units of the classrooms, we would be filling buckets of sweats. And now banning skinny jeans? Why don't they just say BE NAKED when entering the school? Isn't that what they are doing? Stripping the students of their rights?

Dress Code Policy is good if and only if it doesn't prejudice the rights of the students and if and only if it's not way too much. We were "supposed to be" a community-oriented society here so why act like we are not?

Im just hoping that the Administration would reconsider our appeal. Let us, the women, the students be heard. Skinny Jeans should not be banned!

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