Good Samaritan

Thursday, July 19, 2007

I was supposed to post this yesterday but unfortunately there's no internet connection in our PC so I have no choice but to share this incident with you today even if it happens yesterday.

Isn't it touching when someone is a good samaritan? But what about if that someone is the least person on earth you thought to be like that? What would you feel?

Now here's the scenario...

My boyfriend and I were eating siomai at a foodhouse in front of our school. He said he didn't have much money left on his pocket so he can't shoulder my food expenses. Thus, we were on KKB (Kanya Kanyang Bayad). We were on our way back to the school campus after we had finished eating when he suddenly asked if I had a change for Php 50.00. I asked him why and he just answered me "basta". So I gave him two Php20.00 bill and a Php 10.00 coin in exchange for his Php50.00 bill that he gave to me. I thought he would just buy cigarrettes when he started to distance his self from me. But what he did next makes me so proud of him. He run towards a streetchild who was 3 meters away from us to gave that child a Php 20.00 bill. When he came back, I asked him why did he do it and he just told me "luoy mn ang bata gud..wa xa kwarta ug food" (I felt pity to the child. He has no money to buy food). When he said this, I wanted to hug and kiss him that very moment! Unfotunately, we're on a public place so I only smiled.

I never expected my boyfriend to do a thing like that. He's a smoker, drinks alcohol, rich, sometimes stubborn, quarrels with his dad, a frat member, and just a happy-go-lucky guy. And yet, he has a kind heart to his fellow human beings.

If only the whole world would be like that. If only we treat each other as brothers and sisters. If only there's no divisions between the rich and the poor. If only we would help each one of us. Then our world would be the most beautiful place to live in.

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