Remove the Exes Baggage

Sunday, July 08, 2007

This post was inspired after watching Studio 23's Y-Speak a while ago. Damn! I really like their topic this week. In fact, I didn't change the channel because I was hooked to their conversations about exes and forgetting. I admit that one of the reason why I was hooked is because somehow I can very well relate to it (like who doesn't?). I'm kinda feeling mushy romantic about it (if there's such a word) that I can't help but reminisce my very own first love and why I don't believe in the saying First Love Never Dies

Now here's my story...

My first love became my first boyfriend. We've known each other since childhood because we live in the same baranggay. To cut the long story short, Stupid Cupid hit me with one of his arrows and Whoala! I was in love. I was 17 back then and never had any boyfriend experiences so imagine my happiness when My Crush, My First Love courted me! siyempre, flattered at happy ako! and just like any other woman In Love, I readily accept his "proposal" not knowing that I entered into a world of betrayal and heartaches. In short, our relationship was not at all a bed of roses. It didn't work out the way I imagined it to be. My childhood dream of being married to the first guy that I felt in love with was gone.

It was so hard to accept back then that my first relationship ended up that way. But what hurts me the most was the fact that he never had loved me the same way that I loved him. I admit, after this sad experienced, I vow to never fall in love again and labeled all boys as a f*****g liars! I was feeling so alone that I became too grounded by my emotions. I thought that I would never forget him and he would always remain as the only guy I love---but I was so wrong.

First Love dies afterall. You just need to have a lot of time and some friendly reminders to help you overcome it. Here's what I did:

  • Get rid of the things that reminds you of him 
  • Throw away the gifts, your pictures together, his shirt that you hide, the roses he gave you--EVERYTHING. You can't move on if there's something that is in you that reminds you of him.
  • Get a hobby  
  • Do some crafts or better yet read books so that you will not always think about him.
  • Introduce yourself to a lot of people 
  • Go on dates with your friends. You'll never know, you might scoop up a new boylet there. ;)

"If your alone, it doesn't mean that you have to be lonely. You have to go get a life---moved on. Be happy because you deserved it."

I have been into two relationships after that first love incident and both of them failed also. Now, I'm into a one year and 8 months relationship with this great guy. I love him so much and frankly I'm hoping that we would be together forever. I have no idea yet what would happen to us in the future but if anything would gone wrong this is one thing that I've learned from my experiences on love to

"say only good things about your ex for once in your life they made you one of the happiest people here on earth"

Sooner or later, a new love will come into your life after a breakup but always make sure that before you enter into another relationship make sure that you don't have EXcess baggage in the past.

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