Be Transform

Saturday, July 07, 2007

The line at Ayala Center Cebu ticketing booth was long. Different Faces all recording one meaning--excitement beams at me from the crowd of people hungry to have a ticket of the latest movie this season--Transformers.

Correct me if I'm wrong but I think this is Transformer's second opening week in our country but it still is a huge hit base on the crowd of people lining up to get a ticket too see it and base also on the number of people talking about it. I confess, I used to be one of those who doesn't give a damn about this.

I'm not a Transformer's fan---really.I have'nt watched the cartoon series way back my childhood days ergo I didn't know much about the characters -- the Robots. That is why, I'm not that keen enough and super excited to watch it. If it had not been to my boyfriend, I won't watch it and write this review--err sort of. If it had not been to him, we would not be lining up at the ticketing booth. I'm not blaming him for anything though. In fact, I'm thankful that because of him, I found out that Transformers was not that bad after all.

Anyways, Transformers, like what I said was not really my cup of tea, thus in order to be "not-being-left-out" during discussions with my boyfriend, I've read reviews and synopsis of the movie on the web. It's better to have some piece of information on hand than to be a total weirdo na nakatulala lang at walang alam sa mga pinag-uusapan d ba?. Now going back to the reviews that I've read, Transformers has it share of the good ones as well as the negative ones posted by anybody on the net. Wanna know what I think about it?

Now here's the plot, Transformers is all about good robots called the Autobots engaging in war with the bad robots called the Decepticons over a "special cube" that can cause havoc on mankind if it would be in the hands of the bad ones. That cube was found here on Earth ergo humans became entangled in the so called "robot wars".

At first, you may see this movie as pure testosterone having fights left and right to make it more entertaining to watch. Trust me, I thought so too but after watching it, I found out that there are some comedic scenes entwined in the whole movie. I so love the part when the Chevy Car (which became one of the robots by the way) hum out a "Baby Come Back" song whenever the lead guy's apple-of-the-eye walk away. I also love it when the SUPER HUGE Robots try to fit in the lead guy's small house to hide themselves! I have to give credit to the people behind this movie especially the Special Effects Team for doing a job well done in making this movie such an entertaining thing to watch. The Transformer's shape changing from robots-to-vehicles and vice versa keep me in awe. It was perhaps one of the amazing things I've ever seen in the movie world.

Apparently, the movie keeps me hanging. There are some scenes in there that seems like it's lost. Some characters were gone in seconds as the movie nears its end. I wonder where are the new robots that was created by the special cube gone? What about the"defense girl" and the "Black Guy" who both discovered what the so called aliens were after for? What happened to them?
Over all, this movie ROCKS! It's really worth everything--your dime, time and interest. You better check it out and be transform.

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