Surprise Exam

Friday, July 20, 2007

Our teacher gave us a "Surprise Exam" in our Income Taxation subject a while ago and DARN! It was so 'effin HARD! Most of my classmates really had a hard time answering all of the items. Some of us were even opening books and notes under the table and they were some who kept on glancing to other people's papers (just like me! HAHA). When it was all finished and results have been given to us by our teacher, I'm not shocked about my score---a very flat zero (0).

Surprise exams really annoys me. You know why? I'm not the type of person who always study everyday. I don't hate studying its just that I'm not into advance studying. I'm not a freaking nerd! That is why everytime there is a surprise exam my head would move (literally) from side to side looking at my classmates answers or I would just use my stock knowledge (if there's any) to answer the questions being asked and the bottom line is? I ended up having low scores.

But don't be fooled! Surprise exams is not that serious though. It's just our teacher's way of knowing how far we have read or know about a particular topic. I remember what my previous professor told me before

"If there's a surprise exam, the best thing you should do is to answer it as honestly as possible...It's your only way of assessing yourself on how far you have understood the lessons" .

Unfortunately, as you have guess, I rarely follow this advice. I mean, why should I answer the testpapers "as honestly as possible" if I'm desperate to pass the subject no matter what?! No one forbid me to "help my own self" in times when there's no one I can turn into (*wink). So off I go to cheating during surprise exams! LOL! I know its bad but I don't do it all the time. Only those times when our professors would barge into our rooms and would just say "Get a whole sheet of paper and aswer this..."

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