Home Alone

Saturday, June 02, 2007

For two days, i'm all alone in the apartment that we rented. DAMN I never thought this could be so hard. There was no groceries sans food to cook thus hinder me to buy food outside...barbecue, which is by the way a very carcinogeric food. What can I do?

Being alone, makes me think about certain things in my life. It makes me miss some company specially my family. DAMN i've been away from them for quite some time already but it's only now that I realized that I do miss them. I miss my Nanay's simple way of looking at life, my Tatay's strict persona, my sister's laughters and jokes. We've been through tough times but we sticked together come hell or high water. We're a family you know and no matter how hard the problem is, at the end it's only your family that you can run to for help.

I may not say it too often to them but I want my family to know that I LOVE THEM so much.

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