Miss Universe 2007

Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Mexico - Riyo Mori from Japan was crowned Miss Universe 2007.I was not able to watch the live show at ABS-CBN because of some work to do but I when I got home at around 8pm I hurriedly turn on the TV and watch the telecast on Studio 23. There were a lot of gorgeous and lovely ladies this year that you can't really tell who will win. Here's my thoughts on the show:


Looks like Victoria's Secret Runway Show last year.


Vanessa Minnillo and Mario Lopez did a good job! kudos to them! Vanessa was perfect for the role for she was a former Miss Teen USA and she knows what is really feels like to be up on that stage.

a number of them were from latin america and Asia that is why most of the finalists are from these regions. But their job is really a tough one, imagine 80+ beautful girls from all the parts of the world parading in front of you but as a judge you will only have to choose one? Man! that is really a tough one.

TOP 15:
what are they (Denmark and Ukraine) doing there? There are more other girls that deserve their spot in the top 15. Maybe they are The Donald Trump likes them. For those who don't know, Mr. Trump is the owner of the Miss Universe Organization and he has the "privilege" to choose candidates that he liked.

TOP 10:
Way to go Miss Tanzania! uhm..Slovenia should have taken the place of Miss Nicaragua.

TOP 5:

I'm so glad that two of my bets for the crown are in! Venezuela and korea and Oh My God! two Asians (Japan and Korea) in he top 5? my oh my..that's a feat you kow because MU is well known to favor Latinas over other race. Thus for two Asians to make it on the top 5 is truly a WHOOSH!


Miss Japan was a "so-so". She was not in my list to fight for the crown. Compared to the other finalists she's not that strikingly beautiful l(Korea has the prettiest face on the competition!)like the rest of the top 5 but then again they were robbed from the crown last year with that "Plastic Doll" so maybe the MUO gave the crown to Riyo instead of that Latina Bombshell from BRAZIL. Well, at least she's from Asia but I really wish KOREA should have won...


OMG! MISS PHILIPPINES won for three consecutive years that Miss Photogenic award. Im sorry to say this but there are more beautiful candidates in the competition that truly deserves that award. I'm not bashing our representative but come to think of it, the basis for that award is thru internet voting and dios ko naman! Ang daming mga badush at mga pageant crazy filipinos sa buong mundo at yun nga ang nangyari! todo suporta na naman tayo. Yeah, it's not that bad but maawa naman kayo sa mga kandidata natin. Taon-taon nalang tayo nanalo ng award na yan at taon-taon na rin tayong pinagtatawanan ng buong mundo. I really hope that MUO will let the photographers choose the miss photogenic candidate to show fairness to other girls.


Misses RUSSIA, GREECE, SOUTH AFRICA and SPAIN. Sayang naman kasi ang gaganda talaga nila. I failed to watch the preliminaries that is why I really don't know what went wrong for these girls. They were a heavy favorite in Mexico.

Miss Universe had concluded....and a new queen have been crown...4 major grandslam pageants to go....watch out for Miss World..we have a pretty representative..MAGGIE WILSON.. =D

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