Happy Father's Day!

Sunday, June 17, 2007

Wohoo! It's Father's Day today as well as me and my BBY's one year and eight months' monthsary. I Love you so much bby! I'm glad we made it this far even though we always have our own differences and we quarelled most of the times. It just shows that we LOVE each other so much.
Anyways, since it's Father's Day today, I would like to greet all the fathers in the world today a Happy Father's Day! To my Tatay,, thanks for all that you have done, your sacrifices, and for taking care of Me, Nanay and Glaiza. Our family may have gone through hard times - very hard indeed but without you there for us, we couldn't have surpassed it all. I may not say or show it too often but I LOVE YOU SO MUCH. Eventhough we have our own differences, I still am thankful that you're my father and I am still your babygirl.
Speaking of Father's Day Celebration as well as our monthsary, my bby and I agreed to meet at SM City (Cebu). He wants me to accompany him shopping for school stuffs. This may seem ordinary but guess what who was with him? his family nonetheless!. He was with his Father and his Sister having some sort of Family bonding and I was the only "outsider" there. You can guess what I felt! HAHA. I was so nervous all the time! I can't even look at his father...whenever he would glance at me I would only smile back at him he even sat in front of me during dinner at KFC and I didn't echange some words to him! I was so DAMN SHY! =).It's funny in a way, because that was not the first time that we meet an we even texted each other sometimes but still my nerves would rumble everytime we meet. I wish I can overcome my shyness someday.
By the way, Tomorrow will be the official start of classes in my School (University of San Carlos). I'm so damn excited about it because I am now in fourth year in College! Weepee! Malapit na talaga akong maka graduate!

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