Wendy and PBB

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

I was watching PBB a while ago, Grabeh! ganda nang episodes for the last two days!. I know some of you may know what I'm talking about ;)- Wendy, GeeAnn and Bea thingy? Yah right, that's what makes this show entertaining to watch! those bitches with all their backstabbing and the dramas they themselves had created. Hindi boring!

Wendy really annoys me a lot! She is such a pretty girl but what's with that attitude?! Can't she accept the fact that someone voted her out? GeeAnn was right, Wendy is so manipulative and I'm sick and tired of her attitude towards her other housemates specially with the girls. Tatlo na lang nga silang babaeng natitira sa bahay aawayin pa nya lahat?. I really don't understand her. Sure, she's gone through a lot of trials in her life and she's emotional too but can't she control her emotions? her anger?. She's acting as if she's the QUEEN inside the house where in fact, she is NOT. Sorry to say this but I really really DON'T LIKE HER.

Bakit pa kasi ibinalik pa xa sa loob eh

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