I Broke Him

Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Eight years.

That was how long our relationship lasted. Eight years of ups and downs. Eight years of going to different places. Eight years of companionship. Eight long years before one accidental mistake from me broke and shattered him.

Is there a worse feeling than seeing your iPod touch smack the ground and hearing the unmistakable crack of glass?  Is there a more heart broken scene than picking it up and realizing that the screen is shattered from top-to-bottom? 

This happened to me a couple of days ago. You see, I always carry my iPod with me wherever I go. So while out on a window shopping spree, I pulled out my wallet from inside my bag without noticing that I also unknowingly pulled out my iPod. As you may have guessed, it succumbed to gravity and left me not knowing how to react for a few seconds there. Now, this isn't the first time this had happened for I had dropped him a couple of times before but this time he didn't survive. Surprisingly, it still works well despite the spider web of cracked glass across its screen. I mean, the touchscreen still work as well as its music player but it's just so painful to see/read the words, images and what not's thus I could not use this as a back-up for my e-reader.

So far, I'm left with two options - repair or replaced. What do you suggest?

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