3 Lines from A Thousand Boy Kisses You Need In Your Life

Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Every once in a while, you'll encounter a book that will leave you breathless and out of words. A book that will make you appreciate your box of kleenex or in my case,  my blanket and pillowcase, for wiping those endless flow of tears. A book that you've highlighted almost every word because it speaks to you. A book that will make you believe that soul mates do exist and true love knows no age. A Thousand Boy Kisses did that for me and much much more. 

So it's only fitting that for this week's Book Quotes post, I've rounded up three lines that made me pause, re-read, highlighted and gave me all those feels from Tillie Cole's A Thousand Boy Kisses

On how to live your life:

On why we need to give it our BEST:

On the essence of LOVE:

What's your favorite book quote? Share it with me :)

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