The Sunday Currently | Vol. 2

Sunday, May 01, 2016

Isn't it a little bit crazy to think that its already May? It seems not so long ago when April 1st arrived and everyone on social media were exchanging April Fool's Day jokes. And now, another month has arrived - new month, new expectations, new adventures, new goals, new disappointments (?) - hopefully not.

Well, today was a very exhausting one for me. It's Labor Day Sunday and I was up early in the morning to prep for our family day. I spent half the day cooking and the other half  swimming with the kids and cousins under the scorching heat of the sun. I am so damn tired but it was oh so worth it because we really had fun. 


Blog posts and stuff online. Honestly, I'm still not yet done with S.C. Stephens' It's All Relative. I really have to get back to reading but I'm so busy and kept getting distracted these days. 

this and a draft for what I'm going to post soon on this blog. It's a topic that I am so excited to talk about so come watch out for it very soon. Well, hopefully I'll get it done before Wednesday so I could post it here soon after.

to the voices of Joy and Sadness in the background, yep! my daughter's watching Inside Out again for the nth time

about what to design for a tarpaulin layout. I was asked by my cousin to do her husband's tarpaulin for his birthday - being the only one in the family who knows a little bit of Photoshop editing and all. She needs it ASAP but I still don't have any design plans  nor started anything *help*

Lavender and chamomile from our air-conditioning unit's fragrance freshener

I had the strength to do all the tasks that needs to be done before I'll go on vacation this coming third week of May.

for more moolah again! HA!

a pink shirt that has a geometric pattern that I designed and silk screened by myself back when I used to do silk screen printing

the Chicken Cordon Blue that my cousin cooked earlier. It was so yummy and perhaps the best one I've ever tasted. I asked for her recipe but she won't give it to me. Hmpf!

a good rest

a good whole body massage for my tired muscles 

really feeling exhausted from today's activity

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