Flashback Friday │ Vol. 1

Friday, April 22, 2016

Welcome to Flashback Friday, a personal blog series where I talked about sharing my favorite memories from the past -  a photo, video, archived posts or anything from my memory lane. Join in the fun if you'd like.

Well, to be fair, this is my lame attempt to update this blog. I know! I was (and still am) on hiatus for far too long and this is me, going back to blogging (sorta) to make use of this space I rented off the world wide web for free. Hopefully, I could keep this one up and laziness won't bit me anymore.

So for today's #FBF, I'll be sharing with you a photo close to my heart. Taken more than 10 years ago, that's me (in a blue-green top) and the very first set of friends I made back in College. 

This was one of our random road trip that ended with us spending the night swimming in one of the beach resort in Lapu-Lapu City, Cebu. A lot has changed since then, The beach that we went to isn't the same anymore -  too crowded, too unclean (?). The other group (those guys in the background) that went with us on this trip pretty much vanished into thin air. Five of us are already married,  four already have kids, three are still single after all these years and two are in a long- term relationship. 

I choose this photo because after a decade and physical distance (two of us migrated abroad), we've met again last Tuesday (will post about it here soon). I'm just happy that after all these years and changes our friendship is still the same. 

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