The Game Changer (The Perfect Game 2)

Saturday, June 29, 2013


Jack appeared at my door last night after six months of no communication wearing a Mets jersey and holding a dozen red roses. He told me he was sorry, that he loved me, and that he would earn my trust again. It took everything in me to not fall apart at the mere sight of him. I wanted to take him back into my life, but I needed to know that this time it would be forever…

In J. Sterling’s highly anticipated follow-up to her USA Today bestselling novel The Perfect Game, Jack and Cassie quickly realize that their new lifestyle can often be cruel and unforgiving. Their happiness is put to the test as the past is never truly far behind. 

How do you stay together when the world's trying to tear you apart? 


I've been waiting for this book to come out ever since J. Sterling announced late last year that she will be making a sequel to her runaway hit The Perfect Game. I had read the first book last year and it became one of my favorite New Adult reads and had started my obsession of reading romance books that has school jocks and athletes as the main character. 

The Game Changer was everything that I had hoped for. If you hadn't read the first book yet, you should read it first so that you will have a grasp of what this book is based upon. Anyways, Jack is now in the majors and got himself traded for so as to be in the same state with Cassie. It started right where The Perfect Game ended - the morning after Jack walk through Cassie's apartment and asked for forgiveness. The story was perfect and there were so many things that made me love this book and this couple more. I love how J. Sterling started the book by retelling what went on the past six months before they got back together. To some it was a waste of precious pages but for me it was what I really needed because like Cassie, I also want to know what took Jack too long to go after Cassie. I love how Jack redeemed himself in this book. If in The Perfect Game he was a douchebag and I hated what he did, in this book, he learned from his mistakes and did everything to earn Cassie's trust again. I also love that I got to read about the other characters namely Dean and Melissa. Maybe its not too late to hope for their own book right?

The Game Changer is a perfect ending to Jack and Cassie's story. I hate to say goodbye to them because I love these characters too much. But hopefully, I would still be able to read about them in other J. Sterling books. Thank you Ms. Sterling for this story and for giving us readers a good book to read.

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