Two Months After

Thursday, August 04, 2011

This is just an update on how Nicole and I are doing lately. Nicole is already more than a month old and is growing up so fast! She was only 6.1 lbs when she was born and base on her latest Pedia visit a couple of days ago, she's currently tipping the scale at 9 lbs. Since she can already recognize me, she smiles all the time whenever I play with her and I can already see a peek of two dimples on her cheeks. I thought I only saw one, on her right cheek (like mine) when she was born but now it's actually two and it is so cute.

From the day she was born up until now, I'm breastfeeding her but apart from this being good for her, this is also the reason for her crankiness lately.  As you can see on the photo below, she has rashes all over her body. These red spots occurred a couple of days ago which is also one of the reason why we visited her Doctor. So, we found out that she's starting to develop Skin Asthma a common skin condition caused by allergens attack that causes inflammation, redness and itchy rashes. Her doctor said that it might have been triggered by something she had ate and since her main food source came from me, I have to watch what I ate this time. So this means, I had to stay away from eating eggs, chicken, dried fish & seafoods. 

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