Hiatus, No-More ?

Sunday, May 24, 2009

After almost 9months of leaving my blog on a so called "hiatus" (without leaving a note), I was able to re-open it again.

What took me so long?

First and foremost, STUPIDITY. I lost my log-in password in my blog account somewhere behind my brain. I really don't know what happened because I made my password so easy to remember and its the same password that I used in all my other accounts. It was so weird why I was not able to log-in to it for like 2 months. Thank God! I was able to recover it and re-open my blog once more.

Second, LAZINESS. I basically loose my interest in updating this blog but I haven't lost my love for writing though because I still keep some of everyday events that are of interest to me in my old fashioned notebook journal. In simpler terms, I was tired already and perhaps bored.

I was wondering of transferring to another blog site but I'm hesitant to do it. I love blogger and I have been with blogger for a long time and it would be such a hassle and perhaps "sad" to say goodbye to the site where I first created my online rants about every clutter behind my closed doors.

So I'm staying with blogger and I hope I still have my "readers" at bay. ☺

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