Snips to Dissapointment

Tuesday, August 05, 2008

I am the type of person who doesn't know what to do with her hair. What I mean is that when it comes to hair grooming, I only limit myself to combing it straight and wear headbands whenever I feel like doing it and I rarely tie it into a ponytail or neatly tuck it behind my ear just to keep the hair strands from covering my face. In short, I am just a pretty low maintenance girl who will just wash and wear her hair - no frills, no fuzz. That is the reason why, I prefer a shorter hairdo than keeping it long.

Thus, when I began to notice that my hair is quite long already and is starting to annoy me, I decided to have it cut and with my friend's recommendation, went to this particular Hair Parlor located near our school. There were 3 of us waiting for our respective turn ,thus, to kill time, I flipped through various pages of magazines and Hair journal and decided to cut my hair into a sleek bob Ala Kyla and Victoria Beckham. I already had that hairstyle before and I really love how it makes you trendy and edgy at the same time. I was already imagining my so called Victoria Beckham look when the stylist called my name. He then asked me what kind of cut I wanted but instead of saying I wanted it a short bob ala Victoria Beckham, the words that came out of my mouth was a mere "bahala ka, I just want it short though".

I really don't know what I was thinking that very minute and I don't have any idea why that words came out of my mouth. I was aware though that I accidentally blurted those words but instead of telling the stylist about my original plan, I just sat there staring straight at my image on the mirror telling myself that everything will turn out fine. Minutes passed by and the only sound I heard was the scissors' snip-snip and the gossips and blabber the stylist marvelously shared to me. After a couple of minutes, it was done and I uneasily stared at the woman staring back at me.

I know that us girls' primary purpose in going to the hair salon is to have a makeover. We want something different but beautiful with our looks. We want to be a different person physically when we go out from the salon but not with my recent experience. Literally, no makeover was done to me. I basically look the same as the girl who went inside the salon a couple of minutes ago. My dream to have that Victoria Beckham hair was now just a mere dream.

Clearly, I was really dissapointed with the outcome.
But if there's one person to blame for it though, It would only be no one else but me because i was just sitting there, not saying anything or informing the stylist about the cut I want. I was only letting him decide over things that should have been my concern. Anyways, this is just hair and I still have the option to opt for the cut I want if ever I decided to have another trip to the salon. And I'm gonna make it sure that when the time comes, I will inform the stylist the cut that I really want together with the details so that I will not be dissapointed.

Here's my new look. So what do you think?

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