Across the Hall

Saturday, December 08, 2012

Sylvia has spent the last 4 years getting over her high school sweetheart. With her friends, she has moved on and started dating a mysterious bad boy. She's content, until she meets the new neighbor. Quinn moved to finish college close to his parents and has his own hurtful past and is looking forward to starting med school. Little do they know that what they each need is waiting across the hall. - Goodreads


I'm a sucker for second chances. That's the reason I got this book because the blurb promises an interesting story to read and it would be a breathe of fresh air for someone like me to read a romance novel about second chances. I don't know why but lately I have fallen into a pattern of reading love at first sight romances. I was a little worried at first because I've read a couple of not so good reviews about this book. Nevertheless, I picked it out and devoured it in one sitting.

Across the Hall started strong. The first few chapters got me on my feet and had piqued my interest. It typically lived up to what I was hoping for and what it promises. But it was just short lived. The second part was where the whole thing goes down for me. The story became too predictable to the point of being boring. At first, I didn't have any problem with the alternating point of view between the two protagonists in every chapter. However, it annoyed me later when I noticed that they just kept on repeating the same events that had happened but in another person's POV. It became too monotonous. I would have preferred for the POV's to start with a different event to have some progress on the storyline rather than repeating the same scene all over again. It was just too much of redundancy to the point of losing interest.

Anyways, Across the Hall is still a good read. There might be lapses and the story was dragging but it kept me entertained. I would definitely recommend it to someone looking for a light and refreshing contemporary read. However, this is not the kind of book you would remember months from now. It's not memorable.

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