My Angel has Arrived

Friday, July 29, 2011

Nine Months of carrying her inside my tummy, twenty plus hours of labor and Baby Girl has finally arrived! Meet my baby angel:
Zowii Nicole
Born: June 22, 2011 @ 6:10 PM
via Normal Delivery
6.1 lbs

What her name means:
Zowii - a borrowing from the Greek Word Zoe which means Life
Nicole - A feminine form of Nicolas which is from the Greek Nikolaos that means victorious people

Quite honestly, there was a huge argument on her father's side over what we should name my daughter, Months before I'm due to give birth, we wanted to name her Yowii Nicole - Nicole being derived from her father's name, Nick. But on the day when we we're going to file her birth certificate, Nick's father called and asked her first name to be changed. According to him, it sounds like Yawa - a Cebuano word for Evil. He and Nick argued about it and I'm not gonna go into details about the argument because it wasn't really good and foul words between father and son were exchanged. Nevertheless, I thought Nick's father was right and so I decided to name her Zoe - a nod to the eldest child of the MacPherson household from my favorite comic strip Baby Blues . 

Yep! This cranky, loud, and bossy character was the "inspiration" of my daughter's name. No other special reason other than I'm so amused by her. 

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