Are you KIDding me?!

Friday, July 04, 2008

I was walking along the school grounds when a 6th grade boy approached me. I thought he was just being friendly so I converse with him with much gusto.
Here's how our conversation goes:

BOY: Hi miss, I'm Gerald..
ME: Hello! I'm..
BOY: I know you.. Gayla right?
ME: yah.. how come you know my name?
BOY: I've seen you around since last year.. You were sporting a short hair before..Now, its long already
ME: yah.. it's long already (smiles)
BOY: but it doesn't matter.. you're so beautiful..
ME: oh.....uhm....really? thanks...
BOY: yah.. Can I ask you a favor?
ME: sure..what is it?
BOY: Can I have your number?
ME: uhm... why?
BOY: So that I can court you!
ME: what?! Are you serious?
BOY: yah..

Man! that was really a shock for me! When I told a friend about this, she said that I'm so lucky because young boys think that I am still attractive. That means, I still look younger than my age is - I'm 21 by the way. Just like what they say: "May asim pa ako". But honestly? I don't feel lucky or happy about this. Yes, some part of me was amused about what the boy was saying and I do feel gratified but somehow a big part of me was thinking : Is that the trend nowadays among young ones? What is happening in our society nowadays?
I can still remember when I was still in that age, courtships and being in a relationship was a taboo in our playmate group. All we think about was friendship, Fun and the endless games. So you can just imagine, a 12 year old boy wants to court a 21 year old me? What does he know about courting anyways? And what does a 12 year old know about relationships?

I don't know about you but for me, it's just so weird.

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  1. normal lang yan sis sa mga hottie like you ... weeeee ...

  2. grabe naman yun. buti nalang hindi ganyan yung batch ko ate. nakaka-shock nga. nakaka-flatter siya but his sincerity is very intriguing. anyways, sabi nga ni rowena normaol lang yan sa 'ting mga magaganda. LOL. sa atin eh noh? XD

  3. tama talaga kayo sis.. hinde ko alam kung anong intensyon nya sa akin o kung seryoso ba siya..pero isa lang talga ang alam ko..hinde tama! ;)