Female Circumcision

Sunday, July 01, 2007

I was browsing the sunday newspaper (Sunstar) today when I came about this article:

Cairo, Egypt - the death of a fifteen year old Egyptian Girl at the hands of a doctor performing Female Circumcision
has sparked a public outcry and and prompted health and religious authorities to ban the practice ( Note: This is only the opening paragraph of the article)

Female Circumcision - refers to the excision or tissue removal of any part of the female genitalia for cultural, religious or any non-medical reasons.

At first, I thought that circumcision is for the boys only. I really have no idea that this would apply to girls like me because at the back of my mind I always say to myself "what's there to cut out for? we don't have protruding genitals in our reproductive system just like boys for doctors or any person to cut for whatever reson there would be". But this article really struck me hard that after reading this, the curious me browse the internet to research for any other articles regarding this topic. What did i found out? a lot. I found out that female circumcision is a widespread practice as part of their culture in Muslim African Regions with Somalia, Egypt, Sudan, Ethiopia and Mali having the most number of people who practiced his kind of "ritual". For them, aside from cultural reasons, the other reason for this practice is to tame the woman's sexual desire so as to retain her honor. If this is the case, do they have to do that?

This is totally outrageous! It's not a humane act no matter what their reason is. I'm not against any other religion, country or race for that matter, its just that I'm not into this kind of thing. I'm a woman and it freaks me out to hear stories of this kind and for pete's sake its 2007 already! Woman of today deserve some utmost repect!.

I just hope that health officials, the government, and with a little help from the UN would put a stop to female circumcision.

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