First Week High!

Saturday, June 23, 2007

The title speaks for itself, this post is about my experiences in my first week of class this semester A.Y 2007-2008. I am now in my senior year in College (Lapit na d ba?) and trust me I am really looking forward to leave college life for good and enter the realm of the real world nacks

Anyways, I have only 3 subjects which is eqivalent to 9 units this semester and these three subjects are held at night! MAN! I am so happy! why? because this means that I can catch a good amount of sleep, would not wake up early, less pressure and I can concentrate on my studies as well as having some of my social life which I don't have last semester! Ahh! what a joy to be a Senior!

With my schedule being so uhm..loose? I'm planning to join some college orgs for me to be able to have some extra curricular activities to keep me busy for a while---but as of now I don't have any idea what orgs to join. As a matter of fact, joining orgs is not really my cup of tea. They don't really interests me. But my friends keep on bugging me to join some. Oh well! so be it..I'm still looking for "The Best" org that matches my personality---that is if there's any!.

Now going back to business, hmmm let's see...first week of class? it was ok. I've met all of my professors already and as of now, I really like them a lot well except for one! ( I won't say her name for the fear of knowing that she might fail me if she would be able to read this). Anyways, most of my prof just asks about the usual expectations for the subject and for them as well. Know what? I'm getting tired of that stuff already. From my freshman year up until now, this is what we do every first day of class! It's redundant already Sniff!. And oh by the way, I was wearing my school uniform already and my oh my I realized that I'm putting up weight---my school uniform doesn't fit me anymore with all my "bil-bils" fighting to come out on my pants!. I'm thinking to buy another set of school uniform sometime next month.

That's it! that summarizes all that had happen to me on the first week of class--boring eh?

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