The Sunday Currently │ Vol. 4

Sunday, September 04, 2016

I was supposed to write my monthly wrap-up post for the month of August but I'm currently suffering from a writer's or in my case blogger's block lately. The white draft sheet has been staring back at me for almost twenty minutes now and I still don't have any idea how to start it. Additionally, I had also injured my right pointer finger (from a paper cut) and my left pinky finger (with a knife ) so typing onto the keyboard is a real pain today. So for now, let me just leave you with my Sunday Currently post entry.


Under the Lights by Abbi Glines. I'm currently on page 299 and so far I'm kinda loving it compared to the last one I read from her. This book somehow reminds me so much of her The Vincent Brothers series.

This Sunday Currently Entry because I'm currently on a writer's block :(

I've been streaming Little Mix's Get Weird album for the past hour or so and currently it's on one of my favorite track from the album - I Love You. It's worth listening to guys!

 .. about what to post for my monthly wrap-up and favorite things entry.

.. the aroma of the coffee I have beside me :)

.. for a pleasant week and a good customer satisfaction survey result returns (wow! that was a mouthful)

.. that my injuries today will be cured before I go back to work on Tuesday.

a thin pink shirt and my underwear. Not too sound like a flirt or something but it's really so damn hot tonight!

.. the new items I bought last week. Will post about it on my favorites entry so watch for it! :)

.. Abbey Sy's new book, The ABC's of Journaling. She posted it earlier on her IG account and I'm already saving up for it! She's a very talented lady and she was the one who inspired me to take up modern calligraphy (which didn't last. HAHA) and now making my normal journal creative. I so want this book!

Speaking of which, she'll have her book launch on this date and place. I want to go but I live in Cebu so to all my Manila readers out there, you can check it out.

.. more sleep. I'm on a graveyard shift this week that has made me so damn tired from the lack of sleep.

.. the pain caused by the cuts on my fingers that was a result of my clumsiness. Thus, I'm not gonna make this entry long. 

What about you? How did your Sunday go?

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