Things I'm Looking Forward to │ May 2016

Monday, May 02, 2016

April just went by in a flash and had left me hanging and wanting. The whole month was so uneventful that I couldn't remember if there's any significant thing that I did that would have made April so unforgettable - well except for a little reunion we had with my college friends. Looking back at it now, I somehow cringe at myself for living a monotonous life - yet again. Anyways, since that has passed and we just entered the month of May, I'm pretty optimistic that something good is going to happen. I claim May my month!

So going back, I've listed what I have planned for this month and hopefully these will give me that satisfied, cloud 9 feeling of happiness I didn't had last month:

National Elections
I'm a registered voter, a taxpayer and sometimes a government grumbler so May 9, got me so excited. Its that time of the year for us Filipinos to choose who will lead us to greater heights (though I really doubt it so far). I have watched all Presidential (Vice-President too) TV debates and have also read news articles on all them so I admit that I have already selected my choice and I'm so ready to cast my vote on that day. 

Beach Trip
We usually celebrate our annual family reunion (Father's side) this month and as of this writing some relatives abroad and Manila had already confirmed their attendance. If there are no changes to the  pre-made plans then I'm looking forward to another beach trips to these Islands:

  • Kalanggaman Island - crystal blue waters + sandbar. The last time I was here was way back 2014

  • Malapascua Island - Island Paradise. The last time I was here was way back 2011.

How about you guys? You  know it's the last month for summer vacation. Any plans made?

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  1. I'm excited for elections, too! I've already casted my vote here in Singapore two weeks ago and I can't wait what happens on Election Day in the Philippines. Hope the right person wins. :)

    1. Good for you! You said it right, Let's all hope for the right person to win :)

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