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Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Uh oh! Smells like trouble in LA LA Land for Perez Hilton.

The celebrated blogger is in the news right now for posting provocative paparazzi photo of teen pop sensation Miley Cyrus showing her vag*na while climbing out of her car. The blogger posted the photo last Tuesday on his website and had since removed it after a widespread outrage not just from her fans but also from people who was disgusted by Hilton's derogatory photo. The thing is Miley Cyrus is only 17 years old and it is against US Law to display photos of an underage person. With this act, Hilton could be faced with child pornography charges.

While I am not a fan of these two, my sympathy goes to Cyrus. She is still barely legal in every sense and has throngs of fans who looked up to her. What makes it more hurting is the fact that the photo is actually just photo shopped to make Cyrus looks like a whore wearing nothing underneath. Even if I hated Miley Cyrus for changing his image ala Britney Spears at an early age, he still has no right to ashamed her in public. Respect begets Respect. So what if he wears skimpy outfits and short shorts? It's actually up to her if she wants to dress that way. I don't see any problem with that whatsoever.

Actually, I checked his website again a couple of hours ago and Hilton reiterates his statement and posted there that the photo is fake. However, news broke out already and what was done cannot be changed.

Sorry guys, I cannot post the photo here. I don't necessarily need controversies. But if u insists, just google it.

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  1. Tamaaaa. Grabe naman din kasi. Kahit di ko like si Miley. Wawa naman siya. :|

  2. Bakit ba kailangan nilang kumuha ng mga photos without being aware of the anti-porn law? Pathetic paparazzis.

    Plus, is Miley trying to be Britney?

  3. they're doing it for money so they don't bother reviewing the law.