Road Block

Monday, May 17, 2010

I'm the Sun, Sea and Sand type of girl. I prefer going to the beach and swim under the scorching heat of the sun rather than going to the clubs and dance the night away. So, when my friends and I wanted to unwind ourselves from all the stress at work, we packed our bags and board the ferry boat going to Camotes Island and it was a summer worth remembering for.

We went to Camotes with only our pocket money, bags and our adrenaline rush. We didn't have any itinerary. We didn't know anyone from the Island and no cellphone signal either in most of the places. We just asked from the locals around and trust that they will be good to us. That's what makes this trip more special that it even leave me with a sunburn I've been suffering for a week.

Dolphins welcoming us
Look at that cliff!

When I saw this, I wanted to jump off the boat and into the crystal clear blue waters. The locals said that its not advisable to jump into the water from these cliffs because you can get caught by the current and banged your head into the rocks.

The Coast Line and the Beach

Camotes may not have the powdery white sand beach of Boracay but it has one of the most cleanest shore line and the longest one I've been to.

If this is the scenery you will see, going to the market will not be an unpleasant thing to do

Camotes is not all about the beach but is also home of a beautiful lake.. Lake Danao

And a beautiful sunset to end a fun filled day

No words can describe how much I had fun in Camotes Island and that's what made me proud of as a Filipino because we have lots of beautiful places here that is waiting to be discovered. That is why I highly recommend Camotes Island to your list - its all worth it.

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  1. oh wow, i wish i had the guts to just pack my bags and go to some unknown place unplanned. you've got nerves of steel!

  2. you should try it at least once in your life.. go to an unknown place and just enjoy the experience.. :)