Three Times a Charm

Thursday, April 29, 2010

It's been 3 years since I first posted my very first update on this blog. Three years of mindless posts, three years of posting mindless updates, three years of venting out my emotions for the world to see. This blog has been on the Internet for three years! hurrah!

I can't believe that today marks the 3rd Anniversary of this blog. I've been on blogger since September 2006 but it was on this day way back in 2007 that I made my first post here on this page. Looking back, I have realized that most of my posts here are just emotional rants and this blog is just a bowl of everything and anything under the sun. This maybe the reason why I have few lurkers and site visits (hehe). But even if I may go on hiatus from time to time and even made another blog from another blogging site, I'd still go back to this blog to vent out what I have in mind.

Cheers to three years and looking forward to another blogging year!

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