Friday, August 08, 2008

Today is August 8, 2008 which numerically transforms into 8-8-8, a lucky number according to Chinese culture and tradition that is why they held the 2008 Beijing Olympics this very same day and formally open it @ 8:00 PM which by the way I couldn't watch because we don't have a cable TV at home (so sad). The number 8 also happens to be my favorite number because for me it is a more sexier version of the number 0 which represents continuity and infinity.

But why is 8 so lucky?

According to my Chinese classmate, 8 in Cantonese is "fah" which sounds like the word for "make a lot of fortune" or "prosperity" so if it's a triple 8 like today it means "prosperity-prosperity-prosperity". That is why many businessman choose to open a new business this day. My classmate even told me that in China, some people have to pay extra to have the number 8 in their cellphone numbers, car plates and so on. She even told me, to try my luck in the Lottery because today is a lucky day and who knows I might be able to struck millions today which by the way would definitely make me HAPPY.

Unfortunately, I don't consider this day as my lucky day because of a number of unlucky scenarios I had experienced on this so called lucky day. First and foremost, I was very late in reporting to work because I have a hard time hailing jeep for a ride due to the fact that every jeepney going to my destination is fully loaded. I was waiting for about half an hour under the scorching heat of the sun so I decided to walk cause I really had no choice. So you can just imagine me in my school uniform plus high heeled black pumps walking in the streets under the heat of the sun and the bustling traffic smoke. It was really infuriating.

Secondly, I was being annoyed by a student at school. He keeps on asking me about something I don't want to answer and when I told him to stop, he just gave me this "look" its as if he was going to eat me alive!

Third, I bumped on the wall because of my stupidity. I kept on texting someone and I didn't notice that I was walking into a wall and boom! there goes my embarrassment.

Fourth, our school's men's basketball varsity team (USC Warriors) lose to the SWU Cobras(Southwestern University). My friend was telling me that it was OK cause its only four points and the team did do their best but for me it was not. I can't accept the fact that they lose on their home court in front of their supporters who had to skip classes just to watch them play. Its just definitely a good thing.

How can this so called lucky day be so unlucky to me? Why is it called a good day to prosper and earn lots of money when in fact, on this very same day, my wallet was empty and I was totally broke.

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