Road Trip

Sunday, November 11, 2007

Yesterday was our planned corporate photo shoot schedule in a locally known photo studio in downtown Cebu. However, it didn't push through because of various "incidents" that happened that day. Thus, we were stuck inside the studio looking like promo girls/boys for the coming Christmas Season(we were all wearing red shirts) not knowing what to do next.

And then an idea came into our minds..

One of our corp mates brought with him a digital camera and since we were hungry to strut our stuff and unleashed our Supermodel side, we agreed to do a photo shoot in SRP (South Reclamation Project). And so our journey goes. To make the story short, we travelled to SRP via our friend's van and having seen the blazing hot sun decided not to push through once again with what has been planned a couple of hours ago but just continue travelling until we finally stopped in Naga, a municipality in Southern Cebu.

What's nice with our own road trip is that, we didn't planned about it. It just happened out of the blue. I guess some of us were a little bit frustrated though with the photo shoot that didn't push through thus there were no complaints from any of us when we arrived in Naga. It seems like everyone is enjoying her/ his self eating green mangoes, chicharon and peanuts beside the sea while watching the sun sets and aside from that we even get crazy inside the van when we get to see Carlo J. Caparas, the man behind Pinoy Comics, riding in a van next to us.

And what about the photo shoot? well, it was re-scheduled next saturday but we didn't went home empty handed though cause we have our own happy moments in our road trip captured on cam.

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