Welcome September!

Sunday, September 09, 2007

B-E-R months is finally here! and so is our never ending countdown to the Christmas Season. I have to admit this, I don't really like Christmas ever since I found out that Santa does not exist.Now don't get me wrong, it's not as if I totally hate Christmas! It's just that growing up, I was used to the fact that we only have few foods served for Noche Buena during Christmas Eve than New Year's. You know what a child's brain work ;). Anyways, Christmas for me is just like any other time of the year except that stores are always on sale, my aunts gave me presents and houses are decorated with anything plastic that reminds me of the American Culture we all love to adopt. But who cares?

Speaking of presents, here are the list of items I wish somebody would gave me this Christmas:

I'm such a sucker for pictures! I love taking pics of myself, my friends and the places that I went to. I think of it as a source of souvenir from "that" period of my life. God only gave us three periods in life: childhood, adulthood, and Maturity. So I'm not going to just sit in the corner and waste every experiences without taking some pictures of it. That is why, a digital camera is first on my list.

I can't get enough of this wonder from the cosmetic brand that give us the famous line "Maybe she's born with it, Maybe its Maybelline" I have one of these product in my beauty kit right now and I just love it! That is why, I want to try all the other colors of these product line (mine is cherry). Fulfill my second wish and you would get a kiss from me! =)

3. KEDS' flats
I remember seeing these beauties on Mischa Barton's feet on the TV show The O.C and damn.. it was love at first sight. For those who plans to buy me a pair: I'm size six.

These one's my favorite since high school when I first borrowed a copy of The Sorcerer's Stone from my classmate. And ever since that event, I became an avid reader of JK Rowling's masterpiece through borrowing from sources. Now that the final chapter of the series has been out of the market already, I want to collect it. I don't own a single copy of the series so a package of complete Harry Potter books would make me very happy.
Last but not the least:

Uhm..for what else? for buying stuffs that I want from clothes to accessories etc.
My mom always reminds me not to ask things that I couldn't have but who cares? I just love listing down my wishlist so that some good, kind soul would fulfill my fantasies. I'm not expecting though that all of these stuffs would be given to me this Christmas. It's just well too expensive. You can call me a dreamer but there's practically nothing wrong with it.

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