First Time to Vote

Thursday, May 10, 2007

Four days to go and the Filipino people will face their "biggest" challenge as a nation. Four days to go and I will be able to exercise my right to vote. Being a first time voter I really have no idea what to expect this coming May 14 and what to do when I'm in the poll precint. Mix emotions run through my system. I admit that I'm scared - of what is going to happen on election day. I'm confused of who will I vote. Thus, when GMA - 7 has this "Isang tanong, Isang sagot" program last sunday wherein all the senatoriables would have to answer questions thrown at them by selected media men and fellow aspirants, I was very keen to watch the show even if it was aired late at night.
Did the show helped me? It sure really is!. It really help me to decide whom to choose among the senatoriables this coming election day.Here's my list:
  • Pangilinan - I admire him for running as an independent candidate. He's not taking sides unlike other hopefuls.
  • Escudero - an avid champion for youth development. He was very articulate on the interviews giving well profound answers.
As of now, these two are my only bets for senators because of their platforms that really involves youth development. And the way.. I'd like to plugged Pichay =). I found his tagline amusing :Pichay, itanim sa Senado..hehe..

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