Am I Paranoid?

Wednesday, May 02, 2007

I wasn't able to blog last night because my boyfriend and I had this fight that ended up in tears and confessions of what we really felt towards each other and each one's lapses in our relationship. I was telling him of what I want from him, not the material things though and likewise he also told me what he want from me. All these ideas about what we want from each other like more love, respect, time came up but what really caught my attention was this requests of him for me to stop being so PARANOID. I was taken aback because first and foremost I don't know what paranoid means! (pardon my not so good vocabulary skills). So I search it in the dictionary and here's what I found:

Paranoid: distrustful, obsessively anxious about something, unreasonably suspicious about other people and their thoughts and motives(encarta).

Honestly speaking, I don't believe that I'm like that - paranoid. I describe myself as a very calm person. I'm not anxious nor I am distrustful. But what can I do? It's what my boyfriend thinks of me. Maybe he's right in the sense that he's the person who really knows the real me. Just like what these question that I read somewhere goes 

"What better way to know ourselves? 
thru other people that we had encountered."

So i guess, i am PARANOID.

P.S We didn't broke up because of that. We had patched things up. We've been together for 1 year and six months already and we love each other that much for us to break up over minor problems. =D

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